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2014 Bentley International Award
2014 RM Sotheby’s Classic Writer of the Year
2013 AA Environment Award
2012 Feature Writer of the Year
2011 Journalist of the Year


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I’m a journalist based in the UK. I specialize in cars and the car industry, but as this portfolio shows, I’ll go anywhere and cover anything.

It’s a good time to be writing about the car. This industry is going through seismic technological, economic and environmental changes, and it impacts on almost every aspect of our society. So although I specialize in long-form, widescreen adventure travel stories, making road trips everywhere from the Arctic to Patagonia, I also write about business, technology, the environment and politics. I meet everyone from dotcom billionaires and the head of the CIA to out-of-work autoworkers. I get to tell readers what it’s like to drive a Bugatti at 200mph, or watch world leaders fail to agree anything at a UN climate change summit.

I’m a regular contributor to the Mail on Sunday and CAR magazine in the UK, Automobile in the US, Wheels in Australia and the Irish Times. I have regular columns in magazines in China, Hong Kong and the Gulf, and in customer titles for brands such as American Express and Credit Suisse. Through my agent I syndicate stories to every major global market.

I also work as a speechwriter and as an automotive consultant. The variety is hard to beat.